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   Our company, Merchant-ID,   provides superior credit card processing services to thousands of merchants processing millions in transactions.   20 plus years in the credit card processing industry leaves no doubts about our reputation and made us a leader in the credit card processing industry.            
  The ABC's of EMV   (PDF)  
EMV stands for Europay, Mastercard, Visa and it is a game changer proven to protect the consumers, merchants, issuers against fraudulent cards 
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Services provided by the following: MerchantID, Merchants Choice Payment Solutions, registered ISO/MSP  of Woodforest National Bank.  Houston TX FDIC insured bank,
John Lord Agent Office Merchants Choice Payment Solutions Eastern States.  Processor preferred on application First Data Corp.  Secure Payment Gateway eProcessingNetwork.   

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MCPS NY merchants choice payment solutions new york, MCPS NJ Merchants Choice Payment Solutions New Jersey, MCPS PA  Merchants Choice Payment Solutions Pennsylvania , MCPS CT  Merchants Choice Payment Solutions Connecticut,  MCPS MA Merchants Choice Payment Solutions Massachusetts, MCPS VA Merchants Choice Payment Solutions Virginia,  MCPS WV Merchants Choice Payment Solutions West Virginia, MCPS FL Merchants Choice Payment Solutions Florida,  MCPS GA Merchants Choice Payment Solutions Georgia,  MCPS NC Merchants CHoice Payment Solutions North Carolina, MCPS SC Merchants Choice Payment Solutions South Carolina,  MCPS MD Merchants Choice Payment Solutions Maryland,  MS AL KY TN NH VT ME OK OH IN LA TX MI  

MCPS is a registered MSP/ISO of woodforest national Bank Houston Texas .  John Lord agent office Merchant Choice Payment Solutions Eastern States.  First Data Corp main data processor, eprocessngnetwork payment gateway, new york new jersey ny nj,

Merchants Choice Payment Solutions is a registered agent for Woodforest National Bank, Houston TX
Merchants Choice Payment Solutions Eastern States

MCPS is a registered MSP/ISO OF WOODFOREST National Bank,  Houston, TX
John Lord Agent Office for MCPS.    eProcessingNetwork payment gateway provider.
John Lord Authorized Reseller for eProcessingNetwork,  MCPS agent office.

First Data Resources  main processor for Woodforest  National Bank  & Data processor for MCPS, 
Intuit, QuickBooks, eprocessingnetwork, epnplugin,  are trademarked names for their respective companies.