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Eliminate double entry.
Records sales done on websites, office, shop, iPad, smart phones. 
Auto-Create customer in company file. 

The Benefits.  
An easy solution for business's that process sales off-premise, websites, smart phones and are only looking to post the sales in QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise software.

It made my website compatible with my QuickBooks.
 In as little as 15 minutes Webmasters can retrofit our PCI compliant
Secure Payment Gateway to existing, non-proprietary, website carts
so transactions can sync with your QuickBooks® software  quickbooks Connect
website with quickbooks import sales into quickbooks Link Sales from website integrate website with quickbooks

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Sync for QuickBooks®
For Pro, Premier, Enterprise solutions
2008-2014  Ask for integration details.



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To accept credit cards inside QuickBooks® software.
Plugin For QuickBooks®

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for QuickBooks software users:

For Mail/phone order sales

Online Invoice Bill-Pay

 Customer Data Management

Plugin for QuickBooks®
ePnPlugin is a
Low cost merchant services payment process
Virtual terminal. 
Great for mail/Phone order sales , even occasional card present sales Read More...
Labor and money saving solution.  Get paid faster.  Great for mail/phone order business types.  Read more When added to our virtual terminal, easily recall existing customers info including CC to quickly process new transactions. Read more...
Sync for Quickbooks Software.  Sales done outside QB can sync with your accounting software  Read More

Merchant Account

Need a chuckle?  Comical clips, business humor you may like. Read more...

Inventory Management Software

How your rates and fees are determined  and a whole lot more.  Read more... When added to our virtual terminal, quickly see stock, description and be able to charge customers CC to complete sales.  Read more...

Payroll Services

Mobile Payment Processing


 Secure Payment Gateway


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