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Trade Name filed.  Now what?

So you finally decided to stop making your boss rich and registered a trade name.  Here's what to do and expect.

Expect telemarketing robo-calls and mail from all types of services. 
Even before you open a business check account, your trade name listing been placed on market lists. 

1. Open a business check account...NOW!   Don't use your personal check account.  Don't comingle  business and personnel expenses.  Take ORIGINAL Trade name certificate to your local bank  and open a business checking account even though you are not ready to sell yet.  Pay business bills from the business checking account. 

2. Apply for merchant account. 
Avoid signing up for a merchant account with local bank.  Local banks most likely hired an out-service just like they do with investment instruments or check printing.  In order for these services to pay the bank for the referral, you may be paying higher fees for less than desirable services.  You want to sign up with a service representing an acquirer bank

3.  Advertise to target market.   
Creating a website is not enough. Think of the internet as a sandy beach.  You are just a grain of sand on the beach.  SEO companies may get you ranked high organically, but you want to be sure it is where potential customers look for your product or services. 

4.  Don't be frugal or a cheapskate.
 You will jeopardize your business before you even get started.  In the 20 years I been setting up merchant accounts, I personally witnessed new business owners sabotage their own business.   They hire the wrong services.  They were gullible to slick ads.  They did not ask questions, they 'assumed' too much.  Being frugal  cheapskate can backfire on you.  Did you know?  Off-brand  lower cost gas stations don't have the additives that can increase MPG compared to major fuel brands.  3-day old cold cuts have less nutrients compared to fresh baked.  

You are in charge of your financial destiny.  Remember lessons learned when you decided to be frugal and cheap. 

In short:  Success in not guaranteed.  starting with a solid foundation can increase the odds in your favor.


5.  Give yourself time to get exposed.
2 years.  If you are not profitable in 2 years, call it quits.  People that close after 6 months should not have started at all. 

6.  Why listen to what I have to say?
A large portion of my customers initially choose inferior merchant services. 
After they admitted to themselves their mistake, they decided they wanted quality.
That's it.  It's up to you what path to take.  

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